Show & Tell is an interactive event where local creative leaders show off their talents and talk about what it takes to make art in Vancouver

Presenters from different artistic practices are invited to take the stage for 11 minutes to show off a proud accomplishment and tell a short story of how they made it happen.

Show & Tell is not your ordinary TEDx Talk or Pecha Kucha. It’s a conversation and a call to action. After hearing the presenters stories, the audience will have the chance to engage in conversations that will inspire them to participate in strengthening the creative soul of Vancouver.

Hosted by: Omar Khan and Charity Zapanta

December 5, 2012
at the Rio Theatre 1660 East Broadway Ave, East Vancouver

Doors open at 6:00
Show begins at 7:00

Licensed bar & live music until 10:30pm

Advanced Tickets :$10
At Door: $15
Students/Meetup members: $8

This is 19+ only event.


Contact Charity Zapanta 604-644-2417 for more info.


Partial proceeds of the event will go to:    



Now or Never Crew (Breakdancing crew)

TOPIC: Balancing business with battling

This high flying energetic hip hop/breakdance crew has been captivating audiences for over 10 plus years. This crew consists of like-minded individuals who share the same goal, worldwide recognition! Achieving two of the highest accolades, Battle Of The Year International and 2010 Winter Olympics, Now or Never Crew has made history. Now or Never crew shows that they can contend with the top players in the bboyworld.

Jeff Denomme (Visual Artist)

TOPIC: What are we waiting for?

Denomme began organizing, promoting and running art events and concerts in and around his hometown of Windsor, Ontario. During his teens he started Fathom Clothing, which enabled him to work with some of the biggest bands to come out of the modern punk rock scene. His art has been sold on Vans Warped Tour and seen on MTV. After much success with Fathom, Denomme knew it was time for his next idea to manifest. Seemingly everyone and their mothers were starting clothing companies that all looked the same, so Denomme decided to start Haunted Zoo, a new brand and style of art that would stick out in the sea of clones.

Throughout his life, he has always questioned what we are being spoon-fed by mainstream media, and has come to the realization that it is up to each and every one of us to create our own way. To create our own style. To create our own cool. Denomme was determined to earn respect by choosing the unconventional path, while using his art and positive attitude to inspire others to do the same.

“Start your journey today and see for yourself Denomme’s unmistakable style and stories.” ~ Nick Poisson (friend since grade 2)

Myriam Steinberg (Producer/Community Collaborator)

TOPIC: Community Collaborations (with Chris Murdoch)

Myriam Steinberg has a long background of entrepreneurship within the arts. After working in the field of visual arts for several years she moved on to produce the In the House Festival full time. Myriam has been involved with the In the House Festival since its inception in 2003. In 2005 she became its artistic director. Her passion for the arts in all its facets comes through in the eclectic programming that can always be found at the festival. She believes that it is very important to not only expose the vast and varied talents of Vancouver, but also to create and foster community while exposing that talent.

Born in East Vancouver, the In the House Festival believes that art and culture are crucial to creating a vibrant society and building community. It seeks to connect people by creating shows which bring awareness to the vast array of cultures and performance genres that exist in Vancouver, and to do so in a non-threatening and financially accessible performance space. Shows are multicultural, multi-disciplinary, and open to all ages.

Chris Murdoch (Multidisciplinary Circus Artist)

TOPIC: Community Collaborations (with Myriam Steinberg)

Chris Murdoch is a firm believer in magic. Not illusions and hocus pocus, but the magic of human potential. He has been studying the performing arts for over fifteen years, and is continually learning how much more there is to learn. Specializing in contact juggling and fire spinning, Chris draws inspiration from many studies: dance, mime, toss juggling, diabolo (Chinese yoyo), hoop illusions, and many forms of world percussion.

Chris’ work also extends behind the scenes, as a producer, writer, director, builder and costume designer. In 2007 he co-produced and designed costumes for “the Absurdessey” a hit show at the Vancouver Fringe Festival. From 2009 to 2011, he produced and wrote a series of stories for a theatrical Haunted House which included over 30 burlesque, theatre, circus, and musical performers. The house is currently in development for 2012. His work always reflects elements of ancient culture, mythology and history. A way to tie the cultures of the past to the creativity of the future.

Dianna David (Movement Storyteller)

TOPIC: Make it your own

Too many times the question of “what you want to be when you grow up” has crossed the mind of this young woman. A dancer, an educator, a comedian, an engineer, a performer, a humanist. Could it be that she is a designer? A designer of her life.

Soon after an awakening to listen to her inner voice, Dianna David chose to start designing a life she wanted to love, to live purposefully, with the Universe as her boss, and to do the best she can at it. It may not look like being a backup dancer for Justin Bieber, or some A-list actress movie role, but this talented woman dedicates herself to developing a repertoire of work that combines her love of comedy, humanity, physical expression and simple visual manipulations to express meaningful messages that her audience will take home with them after the show.

Dianna David has performed extensively locally and internationally, performing and delivering her one to the masses. She is delighted to be one of the first artists to talk about what it takes to make it in Vancouver. One of her finest accomplishments.

“Do what moves you.”  ~Dianna David

Superhero Boy Band (Theatre/Clown)

TOPIC: Get yourself off

Superhero Boy Band is an inter-disciplinary performance project that has emerged through collaborations between members of Vancouver’s critically acclaimed Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret and Bellingham’s Dream Science Circus.

Superhero Boy Band produces theatre shows that promote personal transformation and community empowerment. They achieve this through parodying superheroes and boy bands, and by raising questions on perfection, propaganda, and the shortcomings of dualistic perspectives (“good vs evil” and “love vs hate”).

Tonye Aganaba (Singer/Songwriter)

TOPIC: Shameless Self-Promotion

There aren’t a lot of boundaries when it comes to Tonye.

This girl does it all: she sings like a bird in every genre, dominates the social networking game and if necessary, throws down like nobody’s business.

Tonye’s traveled the world with her music, building a wide range of relevant industry connections and gaining valuable insight into the world of music business.

She’s as smart as she is sultry, and has lent her voice to a collection of recordings spanning multiple styles of music such as Electro-House, Dubstep, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop and R&B.

When it comes to her company, Team Heartbreak, she plays an integral role as the soul of our operation. her passion for producing alternative artistic programming arms her with a personal mandate to affect change in the world and find fun and new ways to inspire, motivate and educate audiences.